Hydrogen Storage in European Subsurface

Final conference

May 25th, 2023 Presentations

Hystories technical results

Title Speaker Affiliation Slides Videos
Introduction – ways and challenges of underground hydrogen storage Louis Londe Geostock slides video
Hystories overall presentation Dr. Arnaud Réveillère Geostock slides video
Database of European porous media traps Dr. Ceri Vincent CO2Geonet (BGS) slides video
Example of data collection for Italy Dr. Erika Barison CO2Geonet (OGS) slides video
Capacity estimation of the European porous media traps Dr. Yann Le Gallo Geostock slides video
Material selection for well casings Bernd Loder MU Leoben slides  
Microbiological characterisation of European porous media sites Martin Wagner MicroPro slides video
Geochemical reactivity Dr. Joachim Tremosa CO2Geonet (BRGM) & Geostock slides video

Hydrogen Europe’s plan for accelerating European hydrogen industry by Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, CEO (Hydrogen Europe). slides video

Impacts of microbiological activity in underground storages (panel discussion).  all slides. video

Panel chair : Cyriane Fournier (Geostock)
Panel participants:
Dr. Irina Sin (Mines Paris). slides
Dr. Anne-Catherine Ahn (Wageningen University), participating to the HyUSPRe project. slides
Dr. Anthony Ranchou-Peyruse  (University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour). slides

Technical lessons learnt from European pilot projects (panel discussion) all slides. video

Panel chair : Dr. Arnaud Réveillère (Geostock)
Panel participants:
Dr. Grégoire Hévin from Storengy, presenting the HyPSTER project. slides
Stephan Bauer from RAG, presenting the Underground Sun Storage project. slides
– Dr. Annette Lenze and her colleague from Uniper presenting the Krummhörn project. slides
Eddy Kuperus from Gasunie presenting the HyStock project. slides



May 26th, 2023 Presentations


Hystories Socio-economic results

Title Speaker Affiliation Slides Videos
Introduction – Underground hydrogen storage industry Dr. Pascal Baylocq Geostock slides video
Role of underground hydrogen storage in the European energy system Christopher Kutz LBST slides video
European regulation review Dr. Gianluca Greco FHa slides video
Environmental footprint assessment Jesús Simón FHa slides video
UHS Social Acceptance studies Jesús Simón FHa slides video
Underground Hydrogen storage Parametric Cost model Hubert Jannel (pres. L. Londe) Geostock slides video
Ranking and selection of geological stores Dr. Arnaud Réveillère Geostock slides video
Analysis of a UHS business case in Italy Dr. Gianluca Greco FHa slides video
Analysis of a UHS business case in Poland Pr. Leszek Lankof MEERI-PAS slides video

Hystories major conclusions and implementation plan for hydrogen underground storage deployment in the EU by Dr. Arnaud Réveillère (Geostock). slides. video

Strategies for the deployment of hydrogen storage in Europe (panel discussion). video.

Panel chair : Christopher Kutz from Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik (LBST)
Panel participants:
– Dr. Amalia Pizarro, Energy Innovation Officer from the International Energy Agency (IEA). slides
Martijn Overgaag Director at Guidehouse, representing the European Hydrogen Backbone (EHB) initiative. slides
– Dr. Benoit Esnault from CRE, Vice-chair of ACER-CEER Gas Working Group. slides
Carole le Hénaff, head of EU Affairs at Storengy, representing Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE). slides

Closing remarks. video

May 23th and May 24th ENeRG’ 2nd European Underground Energy Storage Workshop

Hystories final conference is organized back-to-back with the 2nd European Underground Energy Storage Workshop, also organized in Paris on May 23-24 2023. Registrations are independent. Please visit their website for additional information or to register.