Hydrogen Storage in European Subsurface


Subsurface technical
developments for pure H2 storage
in depleted fields or aquifers


Techno-economic insights
on H2 underground storage
in the European energy system

European network

7 Partners
15 Third parties
16 European countries

Hydrogen technologies could be one of the pillars of future European energy and transport systems


Hydrogen technologies could be one of the pillars of future European energy and transport systems, making a valued contribution to the European Union transformation to a low carbon economy by 2050. Renewable hydrogen, when combined with large scale underground storage in aquifers, depleted fields or salt caverns, enables transportation of energy through time balancing out the impacts of variable energy production from renewable energy sources. 

Hystories addresses the main technical feasibility questions for underground storage of pure hydrogen in aquifers or depleted fields, and will provide market, societal and environmental insights on the deployment of underground storage of hydrogen in Europe.



Hystories is an ambitious two years project funded by the European Union to support the technical developments for pure hydrogen storage in depleted fields and aquifers. Work began in January 2021 and will run until December, 2022. Experts and Scientists from 15 European countries are working together to reach these goals.



Seven Partners from five European Union countries form together the Hystories consortium, responsible for the research work. Through one of the partners, Hystories involves twelve other institutes from the European Union or the United Kingdom.



Over two years, 40 deliverables should be published. They will be shared through this website. Scientific communication in peer-reviewed journal will also be made available in open access, as long as a link to a Web GIS planned in the project.

Publications, Upcoming events


GeoScience & GeoEnergy Webinars

GeoScience & GeoEnergy Webinars

We have been pleased to present the Hystories project in the excellent GeoScience & GeoEnergy webinar ! Please watch for an overview of the project as of Fall 2022.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgAJHgZ-EiU&t=2s


Final Conference
25th – 26th May 2023
In-person (in Paris) and virtual